Discipling the Bibleless through Technology and Hospitality

Richard and Josi spent many years of their life in the business world. Josi created costumes for theatre and ballet. Richard worked in retail, publishing, and computer support.

God called the two of us to begin mission work in 2005. We are extremely humbled that God led us to join Pioneer Bible Translators, in 2007. PBT has been transforming lives, discipling people groups, and planting churches since 1977. We are fiercely dedicated to humbling ourselves before God in prayer. We recognize that God is the source of power to transform lives through His Word in every language.

Richard and Josi see their mission work as answering the call of Acts 6:2-6, when the Apostles chose some to serve at tables so they could focus on their mission of preaching and teaching. We serve in support positions so the missionaries, who do the actual work of translation and other work on the field, can do their work without worrying about some of the basic duties.

Richard is the Director of Information Technology for Pioneer Bible Translators. He is responsible for keeping all of the servers, websites, email systems, phones, and other avenues of communication open. Also, Richard is responsible for purchasing computers and software for all of his teammates, working around the world and stateside.

Richard’s work enables Pioneer Bible Translators missionaries to focus on their primary objectives, transforming lives through God’s Word in every language. The Information Technology Department provides support anywhere in the world, connecting to the missionary’s computer when they are having difficulties; repairing software, removing viruses, or updating operating systems.

Josi is the Event Hospitality Coordinator for the International Service Center in Dallas, Texas. She provides snacks, coffee, and water for breaks in meetings; continental breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, for training sessions; and organizing social gatherings for missionaries, recruits, and trainees. Josi goal is to keep meetings more comfortable and people focused, and helps to retain a feeling of family for those transplanted to Dallas, whether for a short time, or long.


Why is our site omrisson.com? Before we became missionaries Richard was working to establish a photography business, Omrisson Studios. It was named after his father, Omri Ingram, who was a professional wedding photographer. God had other plans for our time, but we kept the site and email addresses for our families and subscriptions we don’t want cluttering up our work emails.